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Past District Governor  (1993-94)


 Dist : 322 C2



Address   : Madhusudan Nagar,Tulasipur,Cuttack-753008Chief Manager (HR/Admn.), M/s. Gayatri Projects Ltd. (Road Div.),Boitai Bhawan, Plot No. 1026/200, Kanheipur, Jajpur Road-755019.

Landline   :

BD   :15.12.1945

Landline   :9178451120(R)

MD  :  02.03.1969

Handset : 9178451120(R)

SP   : Late Dr. Dharani Pattnai

Fax         :

HC  : Rourkela

E-mail     :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

YJ   : 1976

Prof.       : service

BG   : o +ve

Slogan    :Move Together Serve Together



Lion Bhubaneswar Patnaik hails from Jatni (Khurda Road), Dist. Khurda. He was elected District Governor(1993 - 94)at the Annual District Conference held at Rayagada in March 1993.

Lion Patnaik had brilliant academic Career. He is a first class topper both in MA and LL.B. He did MBA from New Delhi and MBA (HR) from XLRI, Jamshedpur a top 10 B-School in India. He has enrolled as an Advocate.

Lion Patnaik joined SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant, Rourkela as a Management Trainee and took Voluntary retirement as Chief of Personnel since he was elected as District Governor. He also served Ferro Alloys Corporation Ltd (FACOR), Bhadrak as Addl. GM (P&A). He practised as an Advocate in labour and service matters. Thereafter he switched over to construction companies.

Lion Patnaik joined Lions Club of Rourkela, the first and oldest club in Orissa in 1976. He served the club as President in 1981-82, Dist. Chairman, Zone Chairman and Dy. Dist. Governor (now Region Chairman) before elevated to District Governor. He was the first DG from Rourkela, from entire Western Orissa. He was the last DG directly elected and thereafter the post of Vice DG was created which is continuing now.

Lion Patnaik is a MJF, member of Utkalion Foundation and Life remember of Sight First.

Lion Patnaik had many problems and achievements during his Governorship Campaign Sight First was in its 3rd and Final Year to collect 130 million dollars by Lions International. There was Stiff resistance from senior Lion Members not to inaugurate any new clubs but to consolidate the then 64 clubs out of which many were sick. Lion Patnaik had advocated to give chance / opportunity to unrepresented clubs of Western and Central Orissa whether big or small clubs with a view to strengthen the Lions movement in Orissa and not to concentrate in coastal Districts only. He had given 2 all ladies Lions clubs at those preparatory years to encourage the involvement of Lady Lions. He had given 761 Awards to almost all the clubs a record still holding to date to encourage the excellent performance of Lions, Lionesses & Leos both for club activities and individual excellence.

Lion Patnaik made his share of humble contribution for the development and progress of the District 322 C - 2.

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